Dr. Sheida Shirvani is a professional speaker, trainer and communication educator.  In addition to teaching at Ohio University Zanesville, she conducts various leadership, business ethics, and other workshops for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations.
She writes and prepares a variety of ancillary materials, such as student guides, and PowerPoints to accompany workshops.  Dr. Shirvani is available through Speaker’s Bureau as an expert speaker on an array of topics, consultant and/or trainer. Her specialties include Gender Inequity, Cultural Differences, Public Speaking, Interviewing, Family Relationship, Organizational Communication, Nonverbal, Instructional Development Leadership, Training and development, Interpersonal development and Conflict Resolution. Individuals or organizations interested in employing her services and expertise should contact her through Ohio University Zanesville Speaker’s Bureau, the PR Office at 740.588.1565 or via e-mail at

Sheida Shirvani Jul 25th 2010 01:08 pm